When the world says ‘give up,’ hope whispers ‘try one more time.” – Anonymous

I believe that with hope, anything is possible.

My name is Dr. Mike Mecozzi, and I am pleased to introduce you to the blog, Hope with ME.

My wife (Dr. Aimee Echevarria) and I own and operate a private practice, Hope with ME, in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. I work full-time at Trinity Services, Inc., a non-profit agency in the southwest suburbs of Chicago that serves persons with serious mental illness and mild intellectual disabilities.

The Hope with ME mission is to encourage with hope, inspire through purpose, and transform through action. Hope with ME feels called to help others live fulfilling and flourishing lives.

I feel blessed to be a psychologist. It’s an honor to join people on their journey to healing and meaning. However, the scope of therapy can be limited. Hope with ME desires to share life-affirming and evidenced-supported ideas and principles in forums that can reach many people. We are too quick to assume that people naturally learn the most positive ways to live. We assume we can easily manage our thoughts and feelings, and that dismissing anxiety, worry or depression is as easy as dismissing an incoming call from an annoying friend.

In reality, life is challenging. Happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction don’t always come naturally.

The purpose of this blog is to use humor, stories and metaphors to introduce life-affirming principles. Each column will also include tangible action steps and will end with a “hopeful hint.” This blog will be uplifting, encouraging, and hopeful. My hope is that these blog entries will cause you to laugh and reflect, and ultimately will bring encouragement and hope to your day,

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. You can contact me at drmecozzi@hopewithme.com, and you can visit hopewithme.com for more resources.